My first step into the world of beer brewing


Whether you’re looking to make a few batches for yourself or get into the craft beer business, this blog post provides an introduction to the world of home brewing.

Home brewing is a great way to experience the satisfaction of creating a delicious beer. It also allows you to experiment with different flavors and styles, while also learning about the science behind fermentation. With the right home brew set, you can make your own beer or cider with just a few simple ingredients and instructions. In this post, I´ll share my experiences made with the home brew set.


The home brew set Braufässchen I am introducing here to you includes

  • instruction manual
  • pipette
  • transparent lid
  • yeast
  • hops
  • woodchips
  • malt extract
  • three flavors: lemon, grapefruit and passion fruit
  • and, obviously, a keg

Brew Set Braufässchen

Yeast is used to ferment the beer while hops provide bitterness and flavor. Woodchips are used to add smoky or woody flavors to the beer while the keg is used to store it until it's ready for consumption.

Prepatory measure: choose the right taste

In fact, we did not immediately start brewing beer. Included were the three small flavor vials. The first thing to do was to taste them to find the right flavor for the beer to be brewed. To do this, a few drops of each of the vials had to be injected with the beepette into a beer that was as normal as possible, and the individual taste had to be determined. Admittedly, the tastes were very subtle, so we struggled to find the right flavor. In the end, however, we decided on lemon and grapefruit. We didn't particularly like passion fruit.


Getting started

The manual was provided in 13 languages and the accessories were each labeled in German and English. The individual steps were easy to follow in the instructions, so you could quickly get started without lengthy preparation.

First, I had to fill almost half of the keg with cold water. The second step was to fill in the malt extract, which was a bit clumsy.

Adding water and malt extract

Afterwards, I added some hot water and used some of the water to sterilise the pressure valve.

Adding water and malt extract

The following step was to reseal the keg on its top with the transparent lid and to shake it for 30 seconds. This was necessary to pre-dissolve the wort in the hot water.

After that, I removed the lid, added the woodchips and filled the keg with the required amount of water.


The penultimate step was to add the hops, yeast and the preferred flavors to the keg. I chose grapefruit and lemon!

hops, yeast and flavors

In the end, I just had to seal the barrel with the sterilized pressure valve. Now I let the barrel ferment for 5 days at room temperature, then cool for another two days. The instructions warned that foam might come out of the valve during the fermentation process. So far, this has not been the case. In any case, I'm looking forward to the result, which I hope will be very tasty for me and my assistants.


Whether you're an experienced brewer or just starting out, a home brew set is an excellent way to get started in the world of craft beer making. From selecting the right ingredients to following simple instructions, you'll be able to create something unique that will impress your friends and family.


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